Grout Mixers

Paddle grout mixers are straightforward, the simple pitched impeller / baffle design having been long established through trials and testing as the most effective mixing method to produce a smooth homogenous material.

The G range of mixers are suitable for use with any grout pump from our range, and are of standard tough construction, simple to use and maintain.

All units are designed for materials with 0.4:1 water: solid ratios.

G10 – Hand Operated Grout Mixer

G10 - Hand Operated Grout Mixer

These hand operated units are small and relatively portable, intended particularly for use where fine pressure control or limited outputs are required. The gearing on the G10 enables a smooth homogeneous grout to be produced with minimal effort.

Dimensions (LxWxH)850 x 540 x 650 mm
Weight46 Kg (101lb)
Approx capacity100L

G Range Pneumatic

GS Pneumatic piston type

Dimensions (LxWxH)1195 x 675 x 1110 mm1300 x 800 x 1200 mm1330 x 1000 x 1450 mm
Weight98Kg (216 lb)150Kg (330 lb)173Kg (381 lb)
Approx capacity200L300L450L
Air consumption60 cfm @ 7 bar190 cfm @ 7 bar190 cfm @ 7 bar

Grouting Accessories

HosesSuitable for working pressures to 20 bar (300 psi)
Delivery hoses 38mm I/D x 50mm O/D in 5m, 10m or 20m lengths, with various outlets to suit job/customer
Suction hoseConnects mixers to pumps, 63mm bore in 0.5m or 1m lengths
Plain Injection pipesFitted with coupling 19mm OD (13mm ID) 25mm OD (19mm ID) 32mm OD (25mm ID)
Dual mixer connection Allows two mixers to be used with one pump giving a continuous flow of grout rather than intermittent batch mixes.